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#MyWinningMoment 2017 Launched

#MyWinningMoment is Össur’s invitation to celebrate the joy of independence and a sense of achievement. This year, the contest runs from April 18th through to June 30th. And if you are living with either upper- or lower-limb difference, we would love to hear from you.

2016 MyWinningMoment Winner

#MyWinningMoment is a photo/video contest with a difference. It’s not only how good the image is, but the story behind it that counts. This is a chance for people of all ages across the world to showcase their personal triumphs and defining moments.

Last year we received an amazing array of entries – some 250 snapshots of peoples’ lives, each one capturing a moment in time that represented something very special for the individual. Some depicted sporting achievements; others were about taking on new challenges. Many were simply memorable personal milestones, proud moments in everyday lives. In fact, our 2016 winner Federica Maspero (pictured) could not have been prouder!


The 2017 #MyWinningMoment winner will enjoy a four-day (three-night) trip for two to Iceland. Known as the land of ice and fire, Iceland is home to some of Europe’s largest glaciers and numerous active volcanoes. With its magnificent scenery and midnight sun, it is a unique country. Össur headquarters are located here, and we look forward to welcoming you.

Photos and video entries with a brief accompanying story can be submitted at the dedicated website: [The winner will be announced in July.]

Entry is free, and judging will be based on a combination of attributes – photographic technique, composition, subject, originality and, of course, the story itself. Throughout the course of the contest, Össur will be posting entries on the competition website and via our social media channels, so enjoy your “moment”!

Message from Össur's President and CEO

"For all of us at Össur, the reward for developing new technologies and ever more effective prosthetic limbs is an incredible sense of satisfaction when we see what it means to the people who use our products. For many of them, it’s the small, personal victories that really count. So it is a privilege to learn about and share those achievements. #MyWinningMoment embodies our core belief in Life Without Limitations.”

-Jon Sigurdsson, Össur President and CEO