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A flexible and durable solution for the longest amputation levels and partial foot prostheses.


Extremely low build height with active heel and simple alignment options.

Flex-Foot® Junior

A carbon fiber Flex-Foot ideal for children weighing 33-100lb (15-45kg).

Flex-Foot® Balance

The lightest multiaxial foot in its category. Indicated for less dynamic K3 variable cadence walkers.

LP Vari-Flex®

An ideal option for transtibial amputees with long residual limbs, who require a lower profile option.

Vari-Flex® Modular

Extremely lightweight and durable, the Vari-Flex® Modular also offers unmatched energy storage and return


An extremely lightweight multi-axial foot offering smooth, comfortable walking dynamics.


Provides a unique combination of comfort and dynamics.

Re-Flex Rotate

Durable, high performance foot offering both vertical and rotational shock absorption.

Re-Flex Shock

A robust, high-performance foot that’s ideal for heavy-duty activities and high-impact sports.

Balance Foot J

Combining stability and more fluid, natural movement, the Balance Foot J is a great solution for new amputees and slow-speed walkers.

Cheetah® Xtend

Responsive blade designed for longer sprints and short distance running

Cheetah® Xtreme

The blade of champions - Optimal for 100-200m sprinting


Elevates the original and undisputed leader in distance running feet to the next level.

Flex-Foot Cheetah®

Custom-built, high performance carbon fiber foot designed primarily for sprinting.

Flex-Foot® Assure

The perfect solution for diabetic & vascular amputees offering comfort and smoothness.

Cheetah® Junior

Custom-built, high-performance carbon fiber foot designed primarily for sporting activities.

Vari-Flex® Junior

Vari-Flex Junior provides an exclusive combination of comfort and dynamics. It is specially made for those children who require the additional energy response.

Cheetah® Xplore Junior

A custom-built, hybrid carbon fiber foot designed to function as both an everyday and sports prosthesis

Flex-Run Junior

The Flex-Run Junior is a custom designed solution for children. Its vertical compliance and efficient energy return are must haves for high active children.

Aspire Foot

The Aspire Foot features an all-carbon blade design, with a dynamic heel and smooth roll-over character. Sandal toe, closed foot cover and low build height make it ideal for the target markets and a convenient universal fit.

Pro-Flex® Pivot

The Pro-Flex Pivot foot by Össur is a step in the right direction, providing a 93% increase in peak ankle power and an 82% increase in range of ankle motion when compared to a conventional energy storing and return foot.

Pro-Flex® XC

Pro-Flex XC prosthetic foot comfortably accommodates the relatively active user, who enjoys hiking and jogging, as well as levelground walking.

Pro-Flex® LP Align

Pro-Flex LP Align combines functionality, comfort and aesthetic design.

Pro-Flex® LP

Pro-Flex LP offers a high degree of ankle motion and a significant improvement on conventional low profile carbon fiber feet. It also incorporates a full-effective toe length and new ‘reverse tapered’ technology, allowing for greater dorsi-flexion.

Pro-Flex® LP Torsion

Pro-Flex® XC Torsion

Pro-Flex XC has been developed to comfortably support the active user who enjoys hiking and jogging, as well as level-ground walking.